Only amateur sportsmen – top managers and managers of the participating companies struggled for the cup.

Traditionally players were split in two groups, depending on experience and playing skills.

Group A included Sandor Shipping, Black Sea Survey (BSS), SeaGate and Azov Trade Berdyansk – a debutant from Berdyansk.

Group B included Aquavita International, Supramarine, Ukramarine, Inmars and Interlegal United – a traditional squad of Interlegal maritime lawyers and freight brokers.

Despite hot weather in the first summer day, over 200 fans – players’ colleagues and family members – supported their teams.

Following intensive struggle, Black Sea Survey (BSS) won Group A, SeaGate was the runner-up while Sandor Shipping and Azov Trade Berdyansk ranked third and fourth respectively.

Meantime Supramarine won Group B, Inmars was the Runner-up, while Ukramarine и Aquavita International ranked third and fourth respectively. Interlegal United, the tournament organizer, finished last.

We congratulate winners and express gratitude to all the teams for their fair play and perfect game. Long live fair play! See you at the Odessa Shipping Cup 2020!