Weight-measuring systems LLC — Sponsor of Grain & Maritime Days in Odessa-2019

The Ukrainian manufacturer of weighing technical equipment and developer of automated systems — the Group of companies Weight-measuring systems LLC — became the sponsor of the international conference Grain & Maritime Days in Odessa-2019, to be held on May 30 - June 1.

Since 2006, the company is actively keeping in step with the times to foresee all desires of the customers, and comply with requirements of the legislation in effect.

While working with Weight-measuring systems, the customers receive both high-quality, reliable and certified products, as well as the ability to install non-standard technical equipment at the enterprise, and receive good concurrent maintenance.

Within frames of the conference, the CEO at Weight-measuring systems LLC, Dmytro Poluektov, and the Head of the automation department, Alexander Papka, will present a report "Automation of the products accounting". The experts will report about the modern systems of the weighing process automation at the elevator based on truck and railway scales, increasing of the carrying capacity of the weight complex, as well as how to exclude the human error factor and corruption practices in the accounting process of products. Also, D.Poluektov and A.Papka will present the possibility of operative on-line supervision of the work of the weight complex, data safety, as well as real-time accounting of products, remote transfer of data on the weighing results and the possibility of excluding of controversial situations with the customers and suppliers.

Watch your opportunity to join the event, and learn about the possible versions for automation of the products accounting at the enterprise, and benefits of its realization, as well as on the basis of the received information you can independently estimate the need for automation at your own enterprise.

You will be able meet, negotiate and ask all questions to the company representatives, by visiting Grain & Maritime Days in Odessa, which starts in three weeks only!

You can become acquainted with the complete agenda of the three-day conference at the following web-link!