In January-February of 2018, the key importers reduced purchases of Ukrainian peas

In July-February of 2017/18 MY, India and Turkey remained the key importers of Ukrainian peas, but in January-February the shipments to the reporting countries significantly declined.

In January 2018, Ukraine supplied 1.3 thsd tonnes of the crop only to India, and according to recent figures, in February – nearly 5 thsd tonnes, down 70% and 29% respectively compared with the same months last season. Generally, since beginning of the current MY India imported 253.7 thsd tonnes of Ukrainian peas, up 2.1 times compared with the same figures last season. It should be noted that in terms of increasing of the import duties to the country in the second half of the season, the supplies will surely significantly reduce.

In January and February of the current MY, the exports of Ukrainian peas to Turkey also decreased. In January 2018, Ukraine supplied nearly 0.1 thsd tonnes of the crop to the country, and in February the export volumes were absent. The similar situation (deficit of supplies to Turkey) was observed in January-February last season. Generally, in July-February of the current MY Ukraine exported 125.8 thsd tonnes of peas to Turkey, up 4.5 times compared with the last year figures. Taking into account the trade barriers from India, the reporting destination was one of the major priorities, while high competition rates from Russia became the constraining factor.

Also, Pakistan was one of the key importers of Ukrainian peas. In the current season, the supplies to the country were relatively stable. In January 2018, the exports totaled 4 thsd tonnes, and in February – 4.6 thsd tonnes. Since the beginning of the season, the exports to Pakistan reached 31.5 thsd tonnes, down 41% compared with the last season figures.

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