Grain & Maritime Days: KMBS to hold a round table "Evolution of agribusiness in Ukraine: from raw materials to product logic"


To date, Ukraine is one of the leading countries by the exports of grain products on the global market, and raw materials form almost all structure of deliveries. At the same time, for several recent years Ukrainian companies continued actively opening new sales markets for its value-added products. However, in terms of developing the businesses on grain products production and exports, market participants often face with certain challenges, which do not answer their expectations to receive high profit.

Therefore, APK-Inform Agency invited Kyiv Mohyla Business School (KMBS) to hold a round table for representatives of the grain business within frames of the conference Grain & Maritime Days in Odessa. At the reporting round table, experts qualified to produce and sell grain by-products, will report how the Ukrainian agribusiness can escape the penalty of average profitability, and start to earn a lot more; as well as what technologies and organizational transformations large companies miss to make a breakthrough.

In addition, the experts will cover such issues: what experience can we get from international companies; and what strengths does the Ukrainian business have in the production of goods for exports?

Speakers of the round table:

- Iryna Chernyshova, Founder, СhangeImpulse, Expert on change management;

- Alexei Pakhomov, General Manager, Olam International Limited;

- Inna Sosnovskaya, Project manager on international business development, STRATEGIC;

- Gleb Lukyanenko, СЕО, PE Agroecology.

Grain & Maritime Days in Odessa starts in less than three weeks! You should hurry to fill in the registration form, and get the "heavy charge" of information, experience, and positive emotions.