Blockchain technology in agrarian sector

Blockchain technology in agrarian sector – one of the key themes of Grain & Maritime Days, a conference to be held in Odessa on May, 24-25.

Henry Shterenberg, President of SUNTRI INC., will present a report “Agro Sector is ready to be disrupted by blockchain”.

H. Shterenberg stated that blockchain is a technology of the future which may become a revolution in the Ukrainian agrarian sector: “Blockchain technology itself is unlikely to help farmers, but, if properly used, it may create a completely new system in agrarian sector, facilitating farmers’ income increase 3-5-fold. Launch of blockchain technology, first of all, will help national farmers to become rich enough and will facilitate black market destruction in agrarian sector”.

H. Shterenberg stated also that Ukraine, due its geographic location, may become a leading hub in the global agrarian product logistics.

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Henry Shterenberg