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May 18 | Maersk Line - sponsor of Odessa Shipping Dinner 2017! 



Maersk Line is the global container division and the largest operating unit of the A.P. Moller – Maersk Group, a Danish business conglomerate. It is the world's largest container shipping company having customers through 374 offices in 116 countries. It employs approximately 7,000 sea farers and approximately 25,000 land-based people. 


May 16 | MB Shipping - General Sponsor of Odessa Shipping Dinner 2017! 



Having started at 2007 from competitive brokerage, MB Shipping successfully steered into full management of fleet of modern vessels trading Black Sea - Baltic range and beyond. Furthermore, MB Shipping arranges worldwide transportation services for clients as time charter owners and operators of market tonnage.
MB Shipping carries above million tons of bulk, general and containerised cargos annually by own vessels, performing some 500 port calls a year. Besides, MB Shipping moves more than 2 million tons per year as operators and brokers.




On May 25, 2017, the conference events will be held at the Risoil terminal of Chernomorsk Commercial Sea Port.

Since pass control operates at the sea port, please provide the following information in advance:

  • passport data: full information about the conference participant in Ukrainian or Russian (surname, full name, patronymics, passport series and No.) shall be submitted to the APK-Inform Organization Committee not later than May 7, 2017, in order to facilitate issuing the participant’s pass dd. 25.05.17. If participants fail to provide the necessary information in advance, security service may not allow them to enter the territory of the commercial sea port and Risoil terminal.
  • in case of personal transport vehicle: your automobile state No. and model shall be submitted to the APK-Inform Organization Committee not later than May 7, 2017, in order to facilitate issuing the vehicle’s pass dd. 25.05.17.
  • For sponsors, advertisers, information sponsors: the list of advertising projects (books, notes, booklets, pens, souvenirs etc.) and advertising equipment (banners and banner constructions) shall be submitted to the APK-Inform Organization Committee not later than May 14, 2017.

Please send this information by email: or marked "RISOIL"

Identifying document shall be provided on 25.05.2017. Each participant shall provide the identifying passport to security service while entering the territory of the commercial sea port and Risoil terminal. If there is no such document, security service may not allow the participant to enter the territory of the commercial sea port and Risoil terminal.

Thank you for understanding and cooperation!

In case of any questions, please contact the APK-Inform Organization Committee.

00380 562 320795 (multichannel)


April 20 | In 2016/17 MY, Ukraine significantly increased the supply of wheat bran to Turkey


Turkey is a key country-importer of wheat bran from Ukraine, and in the current season the country started gradually increasing the purchasing volumes. So, in July-February of 2016/17 MY Turkey imported almost 352 thsd tonnes of Ukrainian wheat bran, an increase of 14% compared with the same period in 2015/16 MY (309.9 thsd tonnes), and up 4% compared with July-February of 2014/15 MY (337.8 thsd tonnes). Generally, in 2015/16 MY Ukraine supplied 475.8 thsd tonnes of wheat bran to Turkey, up 2% compared with 2014/15 MY (467.8 thsd tonnes).

Also, in the current season Turkey increased its share among foreign buyers of wheat bran from Ukraine. Thus, in 2014/15 MY the share of Turkey totaled 91% in the export structure, and in 2015/16 MY - 86%, but in the current MY the figures will grow to 98%.
As for the prospects, the current rates of flour production in Ukraine do not allow significantly increasing the exports of wheat bran in the current season. On the other hand, reduction in the production of animal feed provides additional volumes of wheat bran for the domestic market. At the same time, Ukraine will mainly develop its export sales at the expense of increasing of the supplies to Turkey. In addition, in the coming season Ukraine will likely increase wheat exports to Turkey, in terms of the current troubles in trade relations between Turkey and Russia.


April 11 | Buhler AG - Exclusive sponsor at Grain & Maritime Days in Odessa - 2017 


buhlerThe representative office in Ukraine of the Swiss concern B?hler AG became the Exclusive Sponsor of the sixteenth international conference Grain & Maritime Days in Odessa, which to be held in Odessa on May 23-27, 2017.

Taking into account its industrial technologies and solutions, B?hler AG makes a significant contribution to feeding the world’s population, while setting the focus on food security and safety. The company's contribution to the global production and processing of wheat, corn, rice, macaroni products, chocolate and cereal breakfasts is really fundamental.

B?hler AG develops and establishes technological processes of its customers, and engineers optimum solutions, always in accordance with individual requirements. While using many technical know-how, the company is a competent partner in the spheres of consulting, technologies, engineering, project execution and services provision.

In particular, the grain department of B?hler proposes the most modern technical equipment and the advanced technological solutions for primary grain processing - from field to crop processing, including elevators and grain receiving stations of various types of capacities - from concept forming to commissioning. Also, the company produces grain cleaning, aspiration, lifting and conveying (bucket conveyors, belt conveyors), grain vessel-loading/unloading equipment, as well as machinery for malting enterprises.

You can communicate with representatives of the company, and ask all questions within frames of the conference Grain & Maritime Days in Odessa (May 23-27, Odessa).


March 27 | Expert of Platts agency to report about development of the global freight market at Grain & Maritime Days in Odessa


The Managing Editor for EMEA freight markets at S&P Global Platts, Alex Younevitch will make a report about the global freight market in 2017/18 MY and the transport component in grain prices within frames of the sixteenth international conference Grain & Maritime Days in Odessa, which to be held on May 23-27, 2017, in Odessa.

A.Younevitch is the Managing Editor for EMEA freight markets at S&P Global Platts agency since May 2014, having previously been an associate editor for EMEA shipping. He joined Platts in 2013, after previously enjoying a successful shipbroking career. A.Younevitch oversees over 100 daily freight assessments and three daily publications. He has a 1st class BA Honours degree in International Supply Chain and Shipping Management from the University of Plymouth.

It should be noted that Platts uses freight data for CIF/FOB calculations for liquid cargoes and bulk carriers, which the agency considers as benchmarks for calculations of real contracts on the market. More info about Platts:

You can receive more detailed information about further development on the global freight market by visiting the sixteenth international conference Grain & Maritime Days in Odessa (May 23-27, 2017).


March 24 | RISOIL S.A. became the general sponsor of Grain & Maritime Days in Odessa


The company RISOIL S.A. became the general sponsor of the sixteenth international conference Grain & Maritime Days in Odessa.

RISOIL S.A. is a stable, efficient, dynamically developing company with a clear understanding of its further prospects and opportunities to be in touch with all changes on the global market. During the years of its successful development, the company established representative offices and production capacities in several countries of the European Union, Ukraine and Georgia.

The group of agro-industrial companies RISOIL S.A. provides services for logistics of vegetable oils, bulk and general cargoes in the Black Sea ports, etc. Also, RISOIL sells and produces vegetable oils, has trading operations with grains and oilseeds in bulk and containers. In addition, the company provides transshipment, storage and processing services for agro-industrial products.

Due to the fact that RISOIL S.A. attends to each detail, the company manages to provide high-quality services to customers around the world and meet all their requirements. During several recent years, RISOIL S.A. became one of the largest companies-exporters of crude sunflower oil and other by-products from Ukraine, and the most significant Bulgarian company-producer on the European market of refined sunflower oil.

In the nearest future, the company plans to complete construction of the grain terminal in Chornomorsk, and continue the current trend of expansion of sales markets, expand the capacities, and establish technological and commercial innovations. But the strategy of RISOIL S.A. remained unchanged - satisfied customers and fruitful long-term cooperation.

You can communicate with representatives of the company, and ask all questions within frames of the conference Grain & Maritime Days in Odessa (May 23-27, Odessa).


March 21 | NOVAMAR became a supporter of Annual Odessa Shipping Dinner - 2017


Novamar was founded in 2009 by young, yet experienced shipping professionals with the aim to provide customized transportation solutions with personal approach to its clients in order to ensure cost effective and prompt execution of every shipment.

Owing to years of solid performance and hundreds of successful fixtures, Novamar has established itself as a trustworthy partner for many numerous local and international charterers and commodities traders, shipowners and fleet operators active in company's trading areas.


March 20 | USA to face trade warfare with Mexico and China


Statements by the US President Donald Trump about possible imposition of the customs duties for trading with Mexico and China can provoke a trade warfare between the reporting countries and the USA, declared the Deputy Vice-President of the leading US investment company R.J. O'Brien, Zsolt Vincze.

According to global analysts, Mexico is the second largest importer of US corn, with the annual imports of the US grain at nearly 13.6 mln tonnes from the general imports at 14 mln tonnes (as for 2015/16 MY).
In addition, the USA is one of the main suppliers of soybeans to China. So, in January 2017 the USA shipped 6.78 mln tonnes of the oilseed in the reporting direction, from 7.66 mln tonnes of the general imports by China in January.

You can receive more detailed information about the impact of US policy on the global market within frames of the sixteenth international conference Grain & Maritime Days in Odessa.

The expert and Deputy Vice-President at R.J. O'Brien, Zsolt Vincze will make a report on trends of the global grain market in terms of high supply and competition on the raw materials market, as well as development forecasts for 2017/18 MY, within frames of the conference.

About the speaker
Zs.Vincze works in R.J. O'Brien since 1996. He is responsible for provision of risk hedging services for the markets of agricultural crops, ethanol and energy resources, cooperation with agricultural producers, elevators, and end users.
You can communicate with the representative of R.J. O'Brien, and become acquainted with more detailed information about development of the global market of raw commodities, by taking part in the conference.


March 16 | MILESTONE SHIPPING S.A. became a supporter of GMD2017


MILESTONE SHIPPING S.A. is successful time charter operator presented on shipping market since 2008. Our company established strong relations with various reputable partners worldwide.

The key of our success is young professional team which is aiming to provide individual service to our clients. Safe developing strategies and hedging policy make our expansion riskless and constant. MILESTONE SHIPPING S.A. was created in 2008 as a shipping company operating a time-chartered fleet of bulk carriers (handy, supramax, panamax and capesize vessels). Company mainly focused on dry bulk cargo market, such as iron ore, coal, fertilizers, grain, sugar, steel, etc.

From the establishment till present moment the volume of cargo carried reached around 30 million tons and rising. Our team of professionals is available 24/7, providing best services for transportation of cargo by sea.


March 15 | Ukraine increased corn export to Middle East in 2016/17 MY


Ukraine exported more than 8.5 mln tonnes of corn in October-January 2016/17 MY, up 18% year on year. Traditionally the EU was the main importer of Ukrainian corn, however, its share in total exported volume declined.

Ukraine shipped about 3.2 mln tonnes of corn to the EU in October-January 2016/17 MY (37% of total exported volume), down 37% in comparison to October-January 2015/16 MY when the EU imported 5.1 mln tonnes of Ukrainian corn or 70% of total volume. At the same time, the share of corn export to Middle East increased significantly. Shipments to this destination reached 1.9 mln tonnes (23% of total) in October-January 2016/17 MY, up 3.2 times year on year and 17% higher than total volume shipped there last season.

In October-January 2015/16 MY, Middle East imported 0.6 mln tonnes of Ukrainian corn (8% of total).  Iran was the main buyer of Ukrainian corn in October-January 2016/17 MY, it imported almost 1.5 mln tonnes of the grain (17% of total).

The country did not import Ukrainian corn in October-January 2015/16 MY and totally bought 0.7 mln tonnes of the product last season (4%). You can receive more detailed information about the situation on both the Ukrainian and global grain markets by visiting the sixteenth international conference Grain & Maritime Days in Odessa.


March 9 | Ukrtranslogistika-2 - sponsor of GMD2017!


The company Ukrtranslogistika-2 became the sponsor of the sixteenth international conference Grain & Maritime Days in Odessa, which to be held in Odessa on May 23-27, 2017.

The company provides a full range of logistics services for delivery of various types of cargoes by railway, motor and other modes of transport. Ukrtranslogistika-2 owns its fleet of over 1000 grain rail cars, as well as rented rolling stock, which allow supplying of various goods in the shortest time and at the minimum tariffs. The company helps its customers to solve the most difficult tasks in the logistics industry. Ukrtranslogistika-2 realizes transportation in grain rail cars, as well as covered and open-top cars. Skilled specialists of the company give assistance in processing of various types of documents and permissions for cargo shipping. Main types of services:

• Transport management (transportation by grain rail cars, covered and open-top cars)
• Cargo insurance
• Cargo escorting
• Cargo customs clearance, etc.

Extremely professional team, wide range of services, transparency of work and excellent reputation are the basic advantages of the company.
The largest agricultural holdings of the country are among clients of Ukrtranslogistika-2.
Also, it is worth noting that the company provides 100% guarantee on the contracted liabilities.
Hundreds of thousands of tonnes of transported goods are the best recommendations of the company Ukrtranslogistika-2.
Cooperation with the company Ukrtranslogistika-2 - profitable solutions for logistics tasks of Your business!


March 1 | In 2016/17 MY, Ukraine increased wheat supplies to Asia - APK-Inform


In the current season, Ukraine demonstrated rather record rates of wheat supplying on foreign markets. During the period of July-January of 2016/17 MY, the exports of Ukrainian wheat reached 12.7 mln tonnes, an increase of 16% compared with the same period of the previous season (11 mln tonnes). At the same time, Ukraine showed a significant increase of grain exports in the Asian direction. In the reporting period of the current season, Ukraine supplied nearly 66% of all export consignments of wheat to Asia, as opposed to 47% in the same period last season. In particular, the share of South Asia covered 30% of the Ukrainian wheat exports, South-East Asia - 28% of the consignments, and East Asian countries - 9% of the consignments.

In the current season, India became the main sales market for Ukrainian wheat in the Asian region. In July-January, the country received 20% of all supplied volumes of the grain, or 2.6 mln tonnes. In terms of the forecasted import volumes of wheat to India at the level of 3.7 mln tonnes in 2016/17 MY, Ukrainian wheat already covered more than 70% of the reporting volumes. At the same time, the market is quite tough, as the local government has rather hard-line policy for supporting of the domestic production. Therefore, zeroing of the import duties became a transitional measure in terms of a difficult situation with the harvest volumes and domestic prices in India, and in the future the market may even lose its attractiveness for supplies from Ukraine.

As for other key importers, it is worth noting that in the current season the exports to Thailand reduced by 16% (or down 280 thsd tonnes), and to Egypt – down 17% (or down 236 thsd tonnes). At the same time, the exports to Indonesia increased by 33% (331 thsd tonnes), and to Bangladesh – up 63% (463 thsd tonnes).


February 20 | Ukrainian wheat exports - record supplies in terms of severe global competition



Despite the record production volumes of wheat in the world (742.8 mln tonnes, according to the USDA estimations), as well as reduction of domestic crops planted areas in terms of adverse weather conditions, Ukraine still keeps its positions in the TOP-10 of the global exporters of the grain. In 2015/16 MY, Ukraine harvested 26.5 mln tonnes of wheat, and supplied more than 16.9 mln tonnes of the grain on foreign markets, which moved Ukraine to the fifth position in the rating of global countries-exporters.

In 2016/17 MY, the forecast of wheat harvest totals 26 mln tonnes, but the export rates demonstrate somewhat higher rates compared with the previous season. According to APK-Inform estimations, in July-January of the current MY Ukraine exported nearly 12.8 mln tonnes of wheat, up 16% compared with 2015/16 MY (11 mln tonnes). APK-Inform analysts forecasted the general volume of wheat exports in 2016/17 MY at the level of 15.2 mln tonnes, down 10% compared with the previous season, due to rather low beginning stocks. At the same time, the first half of the season demonstrated record export figures in terms of development of new sales markets. Also, in the current season the global market of wheat has a record forecast of exports - 179 mln tonnes, and according to the USDA estimations Russia will take the leading positions, which Russian export destinations often meet the Ukrainian ones. Such factor requires in-depth analysis and development of competitive advantages of the Ukrainian exports to save its positions on the global market.

In the modern conditions, not only the harvest volumes, grain qualitative parameters, demand of the global market and the price factor play the key role in increasing of the exports, but also the ability of traders to adapt to a changeable environment of the grain trade and new requirements of buyers, in terms of high supply of raw materials and severe competition of other countries-producers.